Tuesday, May 3, 2011

StoryBook Land meets Lukey and his Preschool Class

I believe the title of the blog page for today states it all...LOL!  Signal Hill Preschool Program had their 1st class trip at StoryBook Land today.  StoryBook Land is sorta like Disney but for Preschoolers (more or less) and it is all themed with Mother Goose and Fairy Tales, truly an incredible experience.  We have been to StoryBook Land before for the holidays...we adore StoryBook Land :)  Ron offered to help out and stated he would be happy to be a chaperon.  Needless to say, he was exhausted when he returned home today...LOL!  What I thought was extremely cute, Lukey kept on telling Ryan and myself what a GREAT time we missed out on today by not going to StoryBook Land with his class.  I adore 4 year olds :)

I LOVE the white peacock, so beautiful!

Enjoy the photos :)

Love & HUGS,
Jenny, Ron, Ryan & Lukey :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ryan's 1st Communion

We are extremely proud of our little Ry Guy!!!  Today, May 1, 2011, he made his 1st Communion :)  I, of course, cried my eyes out!  Why?  Because he is growing, I can't stop him, and he looked SO handsome in his suit...what a kid!!!  Doesn't he look way tooooo small to be making his 1st Communion?!  Mass was at 12 Noon and then we celebrated at Due Amici's in Cinnaminson with brunch.  We couldn't be prouder!!!

Enjoy the photos :)

Love & HUGS,
Jenny, Ron, Ryan & Lukey :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who would have thought?!

I brought Ryan to horseback riding this morning (which is our usual Saturday morning ritual) but Ron brought Lukey to the Allergist.  The reason?  I have been talking with my cousin's wife and she told me that her littlest has allergies...so I was thinking hmmm I wonder if Lukey does too?  It seems as if he has had a cold or at least a sniffy nose this entire winter season.  Low and behold Lukey has allergies!  And, get this...his number #1 allergy?  DOGS!!!  I was beside myself when Ron told me the results of his allergy tests.  My poor baby has needle marks up and down his arms and back :(  OUCH!  It was how the Allergist tests him to see if he is allergic to common things, such as dogs, mold, pollen, etc.  I will state that at least now we know and Ron said he was impressed with the Allergist.  The reason is because he didn't want to automatically put Lukey on medication to control his allergies...he wants him and us to be preventative and work from there.  I truly like this approach and so does Ron!  Of course, this means being more proactive on our part as parents but I believe we are up for the challenge or at least I hope we are :/  LOL!  In addition to dogs, Lukey is also allergic to mold and penicillin (we knew about the penicillin b/c we had a polka dot baby the one year in Washington D.C., does anyone recall that?).  The Allergist said he realizes we have a dog who is eleven years old, he doesn't expect us to go and get rid of him (Thank-Goodness!) but just keep Lukey and Boulder "somewhat" separated...wish us luck!  Or he did offer another solution, if Lukey hugs Boulder immediately wash his hands and pretty soon it will become second nature to Lukey...or so we hope :/

Also, this is TOTALLY off topic here but I want to comment on Kate's and Prince's William's Royal Wedding...I, of course, was up at the crack of dawn and was watching everything :)  Ron also woke up because he said I was too loud with my crying...was I?  It was spectacular, it was what every little girl hopes for and then some!  As I was watching the Royal Wedding I couldn't help but think of my Mom and I getting up and watching Princess Diana wed Prince Charles...that brings tears to my eyes even now.  I was eight years old and remember that particular day as if it were yesterday :)  What made me cry harder than I ever cried was the fact that, my Dad said he was awake to watch the Royal Wedding and as he tells it, it was my Mom and her talking to him even though we all know she passed.  My Dad said she must have been sitting on my shoulder that morning because for the life of him he couldn't get back to sleep.  Now that is too cute!  Another extremely funny aspect about this Royal Wedding is that when Ron and I heard that Kate and Prince William were engaged I was on the phone with my sister, Ron made a comment that has stuck to this day and you know what?  He is absolutely correct...if we lived in the World of Harry Potter...Ron called Kate a "MUGGLE" because if you think about it, he is correct before she wed Prince William she was a "MUGGLE" or she was a commoner but I like "MUGGLE" instead of calling her a commoner  My sister and I must have laughed over this for at least a half hour...gotta love Ron :)  LOL!!!  Leave it to Ron!

Love & HUGS,
Jenny, Ron, Ryan & Lukey :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in our house...

Easter this year was extremely late in April.  Of course, this did not deter us from seeing and doing everything leading up to Easter.  We went to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Connolly Park in Voorhees.  It was a damp and dank day but you wouldn't have realized that if you talked to either of the boys because they were hyped up about getting the eggs...we thought it was the "CANDY" within those eggs that made that difference!  In other words, the boys had a ball :) 

During the month of April we went to a pancake breakfast that happened to have the Easter Bunny :)  The boys truly enjoyed this breakfast...I suspect that Lukey enjoyed it more because his girlfriend, Keely, was there as well.  There is a photo of the both of them, that I snapped, and let me tell you they honestly look like Prom King and Queen...you tell me if I'm dreaming or what.  They look adorable together too :)

The night before Easter is when we dye our Easter Eggs and this year did not disappoint :)  And, of course as usual we had the Easter Egg Hunt and we use real eggs...over the years this didn't work so well but now that the boys are getting older they definitely know that they are not suppose to "squeeze" the eggs.  But, every year we tell them not to "squeeze" but every year someone, aka Lukey, always squeezes a bit too hard...I'm just Thankful they are hard boiled eggs :) 

On Easter we traveled, once again, to Ron's parents and my Aunt Pat's for scrumptious Easter meals...its shocking that neither Ron nor myself or any of the boys are two tons at this point.  We eat two meals at every holiday it's going to catch up to us sooner or later...lets hope its later :) 

Enjoy the photos :)

Love & HUGS,
Jenny, Ron, Ryan & Lukey :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 Super Stars :)

The whole family attended Ryan's 2nd Grade Concert...he is getting SO big OMW!!!  Absolutely adorable too but then again I'm biased!!!

I thought I would throw some hockey photos in as well...Lukey adores hockey too!!!


Love & HUGS,
Jenny, Ron, Ryan & Lukey :)


Sunday, March 13, 2011


First things first, I can't believe we are already in March 2011!!!  Where on earth did the first 2 months of this year go?  Another thought, I'm still writing 2010 on my checks :/ 

It seems as though the older the boys get the quicker time flies!  SERIOUSLY!!! 

We are extremely proud of Ryan these days!  He does horseback riding every Saturday and he truly adores it and to boot he has become such an experienced rider at this point :)  We couldn't be prouder!  Recently, he was started on reigns, which is sorta a big deal...there is only one other student at Shadow Equestrian that uses reigns.  Ryan has also learned to trot, actually the horse does the trotting, but its a miracle to watch this taking place!  Of course, everyone knows that Ryan does a jump position as well :)  See this is why we are SO proud of our little Ry guy!!!

Love & HUGS,
Jenny, Ron, Ryan and Lukey :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

4 Years Ago Today...

Today is the 4 year anniversary of my Mom's passing...I never in a million years thought I would miss her SO much!  You would think that with every year would bring relief and almost a calming sense...NO not at all!!!  In a way I believe this year was tougher than the 1st year of her passing.  The reason is, everyone knew that 1st year...but everyone goes on, life goes on.  I'm in no way faulting family or friends, please don't think that this is the purpose of today's blog.  I am, in a sense, living my true feeling out loud and I mean no harm in my words.  Sorry if I've stepped on any one's toes.  It's also the sense that you are too raw to feel anything that 1st anniversary.  The 2nd anniversary, I believe was extremely hard too, b/c you realize that your loved one is not on vacation and they aren't coming through your front door :(  Last year, on her 3rd anniversary it came and went, I was a bit apprehensive BUT nothing like this year.  I was on edge all week long, just ask Ron :)  It literally took Ryan's Play Therapist to point out to me that it wasn't today-it was the anticipation leading up to today.  WHY on earth hadn't I seen that one?!  But she was spot on :/ 

I wrote to my aunt in an email that I just want to talk to my Mom again and get her advice.  I REALLY need to give her a huge hug, I miss her-boy do I miss her!  I was watching a show tonight (which will remain nameless) and there was this scene where a daughter needs a hug from her Mom and it dawned on me...I will never feel my Mom's arms around me again and doesn't every daughter need a hug from their Mom?!  I need her to tell me that all will be okay with Ryan.  No one but my Mom could calm me down when it came to Ryan and all of his diagnoses.  Sorry, for being such a downer :( 

My sister said something extremely poignant the other night, Mom will have been gone in the amount of time it took me (meaning my sister) to complete college.  It goes by in the blink of an eye.  Cherish every moment :)

Love & HUGS,